“Butterball”- M- Cream DSH 15 months

Updated photo coming soon!

Butterball was the biggest, healthiest, fattest kitten from his litter, which is why his adoptive family named him that. He was with them for a year before coming back to the rescue. They sadly brought him back because he was urinating outside of the litter box. (No issues with that since he’s been back.) He came back pretty thin. Since de-worming him and extra food has not helped to get weight on, he has a veterinary appointment next week for an exam and some lab work. He has been hanging out quite a bit by the water fountain, so that is concerning. Once he is back on his feet and has a clean bill of health, he will be available for adoption. (Meantime, check out his handsome and spoiled brother, Thad, who was adopted by Nicole Amos. You can find him in the Former Foster section. His Uncle Ralphie is there as well.)

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