Mama Cats: “Miracle” and “Puff”

“Miracle” and “Puff”. These Mama’s are sisters. They were brought here very pregnant with their second litters, at 14 months old. Two days after arriving, they both went into labor. They delivered 11 kittens between them in less than 3 hours.

In the photo below, Miracle, the tortie, had delivered her kittens first and Puff was in labor. The love between these sisters is evident – a picture speaks a thousand words! They snuggled and supported one another thru labor,and helped clean each others kittens as they were born.

There were two boxes prepared for them, but they insisted on moving all of the kittens together into one. They nursed each others kittens, and one mama would tend to the kittens while the other one got up, stretched, ate food, drank water, and used the litter box. Then, they would switch off. The teamwork was incredible! Because they have been together since birth, and because they are so bonded, they must be placed together.

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