“Beautiful Joe” SPOKESPET 2

Beautiful Joe, (formerly Merle), was pulled from BARCS to be fostered then adopted out. When I first met him, he reminded me of a dog on the cover of a book I had picked up at a yard sale. I filled out the application paperwork, and headed home to wait for him to be neutered the next day. When I got home, I found the book and was amazed! The dog on the cover has his ears cut off horribly short with scissors just like Merle. I picked up the book and started reading. I was saddened to discover that Joe had a very cruel owner who had cut his ears off to fight him. I looked at the copyright date – 1955. Wow! Way back then this poor breed was being abused. After some digging, I found out that the original book was published in 1893! For well over a hundred years, pitties have suffered at man’s hands! I was lucky enough to find a copy of the book on E-bay from 1898. It is a good educational tool, along the lines of Black Beauty, for emphasizing kindness and sympathy to animals.

We finally headed back to BARCS to pick up our new boy. After learning from the staff of his rough start, as a bait dog and confiscated during a police raid, we couldn’t let him go. I’ve never changed a rescue’s name, but our Merle was definitely a Beautiful Joe!



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2 thoughts on ““Beautiful Joe” SPOKESPET

  • Shelley ordway

    Hi Joe…I love you! You are absolutely one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met! Unfortunately the day we met was not a good day for either of us and definitely a day I will never forget! Old man Joe was attacked by another dog by a complete accident..I’ll never forget the sound of Kelly’s voice as soon she screamed for me to come help..I was in the barn with my daughter trimming one Kelly’s rescue house hoofs when I heard her scream.I dropped everything and ran out of barn to see what was going on.There was Kelly in the middle of the dogs trying to get them apart..The other dog had poor old man Joe’s head completely in his mouth and Joe was not fighting back at all! I ran across the field as fast as could and tried to jump j the fence which buy the way has electric across the top board..Well needless to say when I went to go over it the second board below it broke and I can down on the top board and the basically scissors the electric fence in the privates..Yeah I can laugh about it know..Lol.any way I basically threw myself off the fence and kept running towards Kelly and sweet Joe.we finally got the dogs separated and our Joe had several puncture wounds in his head and neck and there was blood everywhere.I remember sitting with him on the deck using my fingers to help cover the wounds while my daughter and Kelly ran to get bandages and clean towels to clean him good so we could see how bad the damage really was.I remember sitting there holding him in pain an scared..And do you know what he did! He gave me the nicest sweet Lil kiss on my cheek (one of the best kisses I’ve ever gotten) and I lost it..This sweet dog who is sopped to such an awesome breed is in pain and scared..If there was ever a chance of me getting bitten it would have been right then..But no he kissed me as if to say thank you..Well I already liked Joe but right then and there I feel in love with him..It turned out that it wasn’t as bad as we thought .I cleaned him up and after some antibiotics and love Joe is back to his loveable self. The kiss made getting shocked by the electric fence in the privates worth it! After all the abuse this sweet dog has been Through he is still trusting of people and lives everyone meets..He is a true testiment to the reall nature of the pit bull breed..And for all you pit bull haters out there I have one question for you to think about…Have you ever met an inheritanly mean puppy? Think about it ..I haven’t…It’s people and situations that can make a dog mean not the heart of the dogs itself…And that goes for any breed of dog. Ms Shelley loves you and I’ll be out to visit you and Mommy soon .

    • klenivy Post author

      Thanks, Shelley. That was quite a sight for sure! You dangling on the fence, screaming. Joey loves you, too. He’s a good boy, and is never one to look for trouble. Hope we see you soon!