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Permanent fosters who are unable to be placed due to health, age, or behavioral issues.

Beautiful Joe, (formerly Merle), was pulled from BARCS to be fostered then adopted out. When I first met him, he reminded me of a dog on the cover of a book I had picked up at a yard sale. I filled out the application paperwork, and headed home to wait […]

“Beautiful Joe” SPOKESPET

  Happy Long Legs was pulled from BCAC after her time was up. She had been picked up as a stray, covered in fleas. It was our intention to place her, but she has turned out to be a very good greeter for the rescue. She is always friendly when […]

“Happy Long Legs” SPOKESPET

  “T-bird” came to us from my friend’s avian rescue. He is approximately 27 years old. He talks and dances (he loves Queen), snuggles, and is quite a character. HE IS ALSO VERY LOUD when he screams. If cockatoos didn’t scream, they would be perfect. Unfortunately, they do, and it […]

“T-Bird” the Cockatoo SPOKESPET

“Mollie” is a foster that came to us when her mama, Mitzi, was in the hospital and didn’t have anyone that could care for her. Mitzi has since been moved to assisted living, and is expected to be there for 3-4 months. Once she is all healed up, they will […]


Rabbit Rescue
  Basil is a Netherland dwarf bunny. He came to us when his military family could no longer keep him. He has been a joy and is the sweetest, calmest bunny I have ever met! He isĀ  very patient and perfect to use when educating children on the correct way […]

“Basil Boy” the bunny SPOKESPET

Pickles is a 15 year-old Morgan cross pony. A friend pulled from the auction kill pen and he had terrible pneumonia. She fixed him up, and when her daughter outgrew him, Santa delivered him to us on Christmas. He was here for a short while before becoming ill with cancer. […]

“Pickles” the pony

  “Mack” came to us with 7 other pets when his owner went into an assisted living facility. He’s the only one still here. He only has 3 legs, but he doesn’t realize it. He loves to lay with you and enjoys being scratched, but you have to be quick […]