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Permanent fosters who are unable to be placed due to health, age, or behavioral issues.

“Rudy Kazoo” came to us at 17 years-old when his owner went into a nursing home. He’s now 18 1/2, and nearly blind. He takes 2 Rx eye drops, twice a day, but is otherwise a healthy boy. He has settled in nicely, and we are honored to be able […]

“Rudy Kazoo”

Dog Rescue
“Myren” aarrived at the farm when he was 4 months-old, having been terribly abused and neglected. I’d never met a dog more terrified of people. It took months to gain his trust enough to be able to reach out and pet him, indoors, as he passed by. He has settled […]


“Dory” is a 7 month-old pittie mix. She came to us after suffering severe head trauma when she was just 4 weeks old, and as a result, has very limited vision, and a cute -but odd – prancy gate. The brain injury also damaged her pituitary gland, resulting in a […]


“Girlie” is a 8 year-old border collie mix. She came to us with severe food aggression, toy guarding, etc. She did NOT play nice with anyone! Lots of hard work got her past her issues, so she was ready for adoption. Before being placed, she had surgery to remove a […]