Who We Are and What We Do

We are a family run animal rescue in Parkton, Md., on a small farm with horses, dogs, cats, goats, rabbits, house pigs, parrots, and two turtles. Having felt called to help,and being involved with rescue for nearly 30 years, we have rescued/fostered/placed over 300 animals. All adopters are thoroughly screened, and all pets go to their new homes vet checked, spayed or neutered (if old enough), microchipped, de-wormed, up-to-date on vaccines, and on flea and tick preventative. If the budget allows, they are professionally groomed. We do our best to pair pets with the best fit for adoptive families. “Sleepovers” or trials are encouraged, and every pet has a place to come back to if their home doesn’t work out – no matter how much time passes. We do our best to educate people on the importance of spaying and neutering, and provide low cost spay/neuter clinic and vaccine info. to the public. Links will be added to our website and updated regularly.

We have never charged an adoption fee, and feel that thorough screening and checks are far more important than any fee that could be charged. Besides, no matter how hard we rack our brains, we could never come up with a number that would magically¬† “ensure a good home”. We are primarily self-funded, and have done what we can, when we can.

Unfortunately, life has thrown us some medical curve balls, resulting in a great deal of lost income. We’ve kept plugging along, but it’s taken it’s toll on us, and we are going under. I have sold all of my good jewelry to buy hay and pet food, and am dreading the long winter ahead. We have so many mouths to feed, and so many depending on us. We’ve sacrificed family vacations, dinners at restaurants, new clothes, movies, reliable cars, and almost any other luxury you could name.

To save the rescue, and our home, we have finally become a non-profit. Hopefully, it will provide much needed financial relief, and open many doors for holding adoption events, fundraising, acquiring food donations, grants, etc.

Part of our vision in expanding as a 501(c)3, is having programs to foster more pets for military families during training or deployments, and to pair overlooked, hard to place, older pets with senior citizens. We would also like to offer pet therapy for at risk teens and those suffering from PTSD. Our dream is to not only continue with our rescue work, but to expand to bless even more people and pets. If those ideas sound good to you, then please consider donating toward our cause. We would be grateful for the support!